Ryan Vazquez a.k.a. ReallyRyan is an Audio-Visual Artist who blends Glitch, Latin, and Reggae genres while using the theremin to control both audio and video. The Pacific influenced, Half-Mexican/American multi-instrumentalist DJ/VJ Ryan Vazquez has performed alongside Manu Delago and Isa Kurz with the Linux Laptop Orchestra, and played laptop accompaniment with the VT Symphonic Wind Ensemble at Carnegie Hall. 

His most recent performance on May 1st, 2021 was held in Valencia, Spain as part of the first ever NFT Launchpad event by Staxe Events. Ryan played two DJ sets as well as VJed for the headliner, ill-esha. As a visual artist, Ryan has most recently collaborated with the French Artist/Activist, ARAE, and produced 4 different videos in 4K definition for the Hemisferic’s Planetarium projection located within the Palau de las Ciencias y Artes. On top of that, he performed on an analog lighting console live for both sold-out shows, with no programmed cues, using only 5 faders controlling red, green, blue, amber, and brightness or dim.