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International Live
Beat Challenge

We are a hybrid platform supporting & growing a community for inclusive & diverse collaboration through music tech.
Our vision is to build a global community of music creators that crosses boundaries between genres, generations & realities, encourages experimentation that brings music tech and humans together to break the boundaries of creative expression.

building a global community
through education


Presented with EDMP Reddit & Discord, we have a crew of music friends every week to give live feedback on your tracks! Type !helpq in the chat to find out how to submit.

We explore the latest and greatest in music technology. Unboxing, reviews, demos, and Q&As.

Want to build a live performance setup from scratch, or improve the one you have? We workshop a community member’s song into a performable live set every episode.


Matt Black

International artist, half of legendary act Coldcut and co-founder of Ninja Tune.


International music producer featured at global events such as Boiler Room & Coachella and former professor of music technology at Berklee College of Music.


Multi Streaming Technology

ILBC will be aired live from multiple locations simultaneously, using cutting-edge technology to mix together live streams from the different participants – effectively a new form of broadcast entertainment.
In this time of restriction of physical events and also environmental considerations against unnecessary travel, ILBC will focus on live streaming as the main platform for our series,
although there is potential for physical events.

ILBC College

We are committed to mentoring, outreach and inclusivity.

Live tutorials and workshops will be taught regularly through the ILBC channels on the topics of electronic music, technology and performance; available to all in the community.

Believing that everyone deserves the chance to create, ILBC will offer scholarships to deserving applicants (including equipment and lessons), in partnership with youth music organizations and with support from our hardware partners.