Through a life of seeing sounds and hearing color, 21 year-old electronic artist Annie Elise is inspired by her synesthesia. Originally a classically trained violinist, Annie’s interest in electronic music stems from the neurological condition, even referring to herself as a “conductor for color” as she creates music that produces colors that she likes to see.
After giving a talk about synesthesia at TEDxLancaster that has gained over 115k+ views, she has been an active songwriter, producer, performer, engineer, A&R, and instrumentalist for a number of dierent artists and projects including SYML, Lily Williams, August Burns Red, Hayley Joelle, ill.Gates, and Mia Asano. Now focusing on her own artist project and continuing to advocate for gender minorities in music, the world has only just begun to hear the sounds (and colors) of Annie Elise.